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Gårdskärs Fiskehamn

Gårdskärs Fiskehamn is an old fishing village but is today used for holiday homes.

Gårdskärs Fiskehamn

During the summer, many of the boathouse and cottage owners move down to their holiday homes.

There are nice hiking areas where you can see a rich variety of plant and animal life. If you are lucky, you can see the sea eagle flying high above your head.
If you want to eat your own packed lunch, there is access to bench tables but also barbecue areas. NB!! You are not allowed to grill anywhere other than at the barbecue areas and this due to the fire risk.

You can rent a canoe if you want to go further out into the archipelago.

Electric bicycles are also available for rent.

Outhouse is also available to everyone.

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