Kulturhuset Möbeln

A house for creative meetings between people centrally in Tierp.

Kulturhuset Möbeln

Activities for everyone under one roof

Participate or just be?

Lots of experiences await here for children, young people and adults.
Keep an eye out for lectures, music and theater experiences and much more!
On our popular Family Saturdays, the whole family can participate in creative activities, watch children's theater, try - out activities, listen to fairytales and watch movies.
In the foyer you can have a coffee, read newspapers and visit our art exhibitions.

Room for party, conference or fair?

In the spacious Hoplesalen up to 800 people can stay, but we also have some smaller meeting rooms to offer.
Contact the local booking at lokalbokningen@tierp.se or visit the culture house's website for more information.

Easy to visit us!

Kulturhuset Möbeln is centrally located next to Tierp station.
Here you will find the library, art gallery, cultural school, boule hall, leisure center, café and meeting rooms.

Outside Kulturhuset Möbeln there is an environment to discover with benches and a skate park. A work of art with Tierp's well-known street lid welcomes our visitors.

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